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Non-profit organization: what are they and their functions?

These are companies or organizations that serve the interest of the public. Rather than thinking no profits are made, non-profit organization make profits that is not meant for income but helping the interests or benefits of those that need them around the community and world at large. Non-profit organizations manage to achieve their goals by partnering with willing businesses and philanthropic individuals to make it easy to achieve their target. From Francis Santa’s foundation, one can tell they are well organized, voluntary, self-governing and non-governmental institutions that can be trusted. These are the four main functions of most non-profit organizations today.

Charity events

In most societies charity non-profit organizations only seek to shield certain affected groups of the society from different types of harm especially if their access to the necessary resources are limited. Besides fighting for the rights of the needy, these non-profit organizations can be finding ways to feed treat and offer hospitable living conditions to those that come looking. Such examples are orphanage homes for homeless children and protective homes from those running from different forms of abuse. You must also consider which course the non-profit organization is supporting before you jump on board with contributions.

Religious functions

There are many religious based non-profit organizations that help solve different forms of crisis around the world. You are therefore likely to come across philanthropic religious organizations dedicated to improving lives for different communities. Such missions include children homes and schools being managed by religious institutions to help needy and homeless students get better living conditions and access to education all the same. Supposing you are a religious individual, this would be a good factor to consider when choosing which non-profit organizations to support its course.

Research and education

There are some NGOs that research on some of the problems people go through in their immediate environment and then identify the most suited solutions to solving the needs. Some of the problems could be caused by the environment, hygiene or way of life that is ignored by the affected. The research will be based on causes, effects, management and treatment options which will all be broken down by the non-profit organization dealing with the situation. The public can then be educated on ideal ways they can remain safe in the environment protecting themselves in any way advised. At times it is not about giving but informing and enabling communities to live better in their environment using the new survival techniques taught to them like water filtration and conservation.


There are organizations that are formed consisting of professionals of different niches of the economy. Some of the tasks they handle include networking for different individuals where job opportunities are shared besides mentoring and participation in some of the community projects. These experts can also train members of the public on how to do different things that could create income or improve one’s way of living.

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